Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogger Tips and Tricks

If you want to develop your Blog as a popular,you have to follow some Blogger Tips and Tricks.So to know blogger tips and tricks here i given the links for learing and implementing Blogger Tips and Tricks as well as best blog tutorials.



3.To implement Live Traffic feed in your blog Visit Here.






Monday, October 19, 2009

HTML Editor

If you want to design pages in HTML rather than normal notepad editor,you can also design pages in some other HTML Editors.

One of the HTML Editor is CoffeCup Software.To know about this software Click Here.To download this software
Visit Here.

advanced c language

To know about C language advanced features Click Here.

rapidshare fast download

To download rapidshare links most download managers are not allowed,but some of them are allowed to download rapidshare links also.But for getting speed of downloading rapidshare links more than download managers use rapidfire addon provided by Mozilla Firefox.

If you are already using Firefox browser and wants to use rapidfire in your system Click Here.

Then you just click Add to Firefox(Button) to integrate rapidfire into Firefox.
You can also download FireDownload Addon From Firefox.To download this addon Click Here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

List of Web Browsers

For using Internet atleast one web browser should require.If you are not satisfied with currently used browser and wants to know about what is web browser Click Here.

To know about the term browser Click Here.
To see the Comparision between differnet Web Browsers Click Here.

Win XP Tutor

Windows XP is the Popular Operating System from Microsoft.To know about Windows XP as simple as possible Click Here

List of Distributions for Linux

Linux is opensource free operating system.To know about Linux and what are all the softwares under the category of linux with different distributions Click Here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

avi 002 file

Most of the people download movies from file sharing sites like rapidshare,hotfile,sendspace...etc.But they are downloding movies very perfectly,but files of names like movie.avi.002,movie.avi.003,movie.avi.004 files are not open to play,but movie.avi.001 file played perfectly.

Actually what happens here is single movie is splitted into some parts and put in sharing sites.But first files of type like movie.avi.001 play very well.But other file are not play at all.To solve this problem we requrie HJSplit to join all the files.To join all the files first you put all files(001,002..etc) in same folder and give input for the software HJSplit to first file (ex.001 file) and then click join button.Finally you get complete movie file with in the same folder.

To download HJSplit for Windows Click Here
For Linux Click Here

This also joins mp4.001,mp4.002 like files also,that means it is not only to solve the problems related to avi,it will join all type of .001 files.
Official Website To Download HJSPlit is
If any body facing problems,give comment on this.

Browsers and Their Addon's

Now a days,there are many softwares are availbe to browse internet.Some of the most browsers are
1.Internet Explorer : This is from Microsoft company.To download or to know about Internet Explorer visit http://www.microsoft.com.

To get any addon's or extensions of this Internet Explorer visit IE7 Pro.This extensions are not only for IE7,IE8 can also use this.
To download IE7 Pro FreeClick Here

To download IE7 Visit Here

2.Mozilla FireFox : This is also one of the most popular browser. This also supports many addons,plugins and extensions.

To download Firefox for windows Click Here.

To know about Firefox Addons Click Here.

3. Google Chrome: This is new browser.To download Google Chrome Click Here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

C# Complete Reference

C# is one of the programming language used in developing .Net applications.
To know about c# with clear information Click Here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

C++ Books

To know about C++ very clearly from many resources Click Here

C++ Programming Books hot file link

Virus Removal Tools from AVG

To remove some of the most common viruses from your system AVG Provides some tools.To download or to know about them Click Here

Learn HTML,CSS In Pictures

To know about HTML,CSS with simple pictures and simple documentation Click Here

Java Black Book(Programs on AWT,Swing)

To know about Java Programs,AWT,Swing in detail with documentation Click Here