Thursday, October 15, 2009

avi 002 file

Most of the people download movies from file sharing sites like rapidshare,hotfile,sendspace...etc.But they are downloding movies very perfectly,but files of names like movie.avi.002,movie.avi.003,movie.avi.004 files are not open to play,but movie.avi.001 file played perfectly.

Actually what happens here is single movie is splitted into some parts and put in sharing sites.But first files of type like movie.avi.001 play very well.But other file are not play at all.To solve this problem we requrie HJSplit to join all the files.To join all the files first you put all files(001,002..etc) in same folder and give input for the software HJSplit to first file (ex.001 file) and then click join button.Finally you get complete movie file with in the same folder.

To download HJSplit for Windows Click Here
For Linux Click Here

This also joins mp4.001,mp4.002 like files also,that means it is not only to solve the problems related to avi,it will join all type of .001 files.
Official Website To Download HJSPlit is
If any body facing problems,give comment on this.


  1. excellent information to join files of type avi.001,avi.002,avi.003 etc,i had downloading movies but i am not able to play from avi.002 file onwards.Now i know this and after completion of all parts,i am using the HJSplit tool just to join total movie.Thank u so much to give this information for me.

  2. if the movie contains parts like avi.001,avi.002,avi.003,avi.004 and if we want to see first part we can see freely,but if u want to see only 2 parts if i have only avi.001,avi.002 then also this HJSplit joins 2 parts and give the final movie of 2 parts,no need of waiting to see remaining parts until all are downloaded.